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    QMoola is our way of rewarding you for frequently using QMart products and services, showing our appreciation of your excellent performance and outstanding hard work. Your QMoola points are earned by using the QMart app for everything from achieving commissionable lines through Qmart sims, Purchasing products from our Q.Market to selling airtime, and more. Your hard earned QMoola can be used in our wonderful Q.Market, where you can use your QMoola to get discount or purchase items from our many categories.

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QMart is one of South Africa’s leading Prepaid Sim Card Distributors, strategically partnered with all the Major Networks in South Africa. We have a national footprint with presence in all the provinces in South Africa.

Over the past 5 years we have created partnerships with many sectors in the Telecoms Retail and Distribution segments with a sole purpose to grow and build the Emerging Market of South Africa , enabling us to deliver unique revenue opportunities across the Independent and Informal Retail Sectors. With a growing distribution in excess of 12 million SIMs per year to retail partners and direct to Agents, we are South Africa’s most Tech Savvy provider of a fully managed SIM supply.